100+ YouTube Videos

I recently crossed a 100 videos on YouTube. My videos cover a range of topics, all of them related to computer science.

The first video series I did was Object Oriented Programming with Java, which I started in September 2019. The series was based on the course that I was doing as part of my curriculum. I started it after a friend suggested that I do so, and very soon after I uploaded the videos, all my classmates were watching it. The series ended up being a 40 video playlist, and I was hoping to cross 5000 views that semester, and sure enough, I did!

Looking at the success of my Object Oriented Programming series, I was already planning my next series in November. It was going to be based on Computer Programming, and would cover the basics of Linux systems and later C Programming. Once again, it was based on a course from my college curriculum, one that I had to do in my first year. That series is still going on, and I have uploaded over 30 videos in the playlist.

In December, my OOP professor found out about my videos, and she asked me to do a series on Python as well, for another course she had planned for the next semester. I’ve uploaded around 15 videos in the Python Programming series, and plan to do more later.

My latest playlist is one on Database Management, a series that I started only this month. This playlist has around 20 videos as of now, and I’m still working on putting more and more videos.

So this is a celebration article for crossing a 100 videos!

It’s also a “thank you” article to everyone who has been following along, whether it be one particular playlist or all of them. I could not have done this without the constant encouragement, support and love from everyone!

It has been pretty exciting, creating all of these videos, and I hope to continue doing a lot more of this! If you’re reading this, don’t forget to watch my videos, drop likes, subscribe to my channel, and spread it as much as you can! Also, if you want me to do a series on some topic, drop it in the comments section.

Here are a few approximate stats from my channel:
Videos: 100+
Views: 13,000+
Watch Time: 930+ hours
Subscribers: 270+

And here are links to my playlists:
1. Object Oriented Programming with Java
2. Python
3. Computer Programming
4. Database Management Systems

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