Game Development Ideas

I’ve developed several games till date, mostly android games, and to come up with these games, I’ve had to develop several more prototypes which did not turn out so well. In this article I’m going to discuss how I came up with some game development ideas, along with why I started game development in the first place.

Why I Started Game Development

As a kid, I was totally addicted to PC games. I was always pestering my parents to buy me new games. Once, I asked my dad for a new game, and he said, “You want a new game? Then make one!” Somehow, this line stuck with me for years.

It was 2013 when I did my first programming course, on C programming. During the course, I built a very simple puzzle game that is played on a console itself (a black and white screen). Later, in late 2014, I got introduced to visual Basic, with forms where I could add shapes and a timer. With no idea about game development and how it was done, I intuitively started moving shapes by writing the code to do so within a timer itself. For those of you who don’t know about game development, that is roughly how actual games do things too!

I created several games in visual basic itself, before moving on to the Unity game engine, which I used to create android games. One of the first games I built for android was called “Survival”, a pong-like game where the user controls both paddles! Double Bounce, another android game, is an improved version of Survival, and is still on the play store.

It turns out that long before I created Survival, I had already created the same game in VB. I had forgotten all about it when I developed Survival, but I think it was still somewhere in my subconscious, since the VB game was also called “Survive”.

Here is an image of Survive, the VB game I developed.

So what gave me the idea for this game where the paddles move in opposite directions but the player has to control them both. I think this idea came to me because of the old Pong game, as well as brick breaker games like Atari breakout or DX-Ball (which I’ve played a lot as a kid).

Why You Should do Game Development

Other than just being a very interesting field, there are other reasons why you may want to pursue game development as a career. One reason could be the dopamine rush that you get when you see someone play a game that you’ve played a role in creating. Another reason why game development might be interesting is because you get visual feedback on what you’ve made, unlike some software development field where you’re just working on code that does not produce something like a webpage, app or game.

In case you’re interested from a monetary point of view, there is a lot to gain from game development there as well. Supercell, a company based in Helsinki, Finland, has developed multiple popular games including Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. Both of these are free to download, and contain no advertisements. Their primary source of revenue is in-game purchases, which is people buying in-game gems using real money. Despite being free and devoid of ads, Clash Royale made $2.3 billion in the first year of its launch.

Some More Game Ideas

Another game I have on the play store is Blindfold, a game that you play primarily based on auditory feedback and rhythm. It basically relies on your sense of timing, with the screen showing just the score. For a few seconds initially, you can see the game elements, after which the screen goes blank. This is one of the most unique ideas that I’ve come up with, and the game has the maximum downloads among all my games. I visited a place run by blind people, where they give us an experience of darkness, and how we can do things like play cricket (or a simpler version of it) in complete darkness. It was then that I realized that I could make a game out of this too- a game that can be played with a blank screen, or without having to look at the screen!

Another idea that I tried but which did not turn out very well was a modified version of the classic Snake game. The entire concept was the same, the only difference being that in my game, the snake could only turn left!

So this is my story about game development, and even today, I keep thinking about new ideas and writing them down or sketching them to see if I can make a fun game out of it! I have some more ideas, but I will skip talking about those in the hope that you would get to see the actual game instead of having to just read an idea.

Hope you liked reading this article! If you liked the idea behind some of my games, you can check them out here (if you’re an Android user). All of my games are ad-free and free to download, so no strings attached. Just download and give them a try! Also, don’t forget to share this article and these games with you gamer friends!

  1. Double Bounce
  2. Blindfold
  3. Rockets

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