Introducing Speech Programmer

Speech Programmer is one of my most exciting projects, if not the most. Although it’s still at a very primitive stage, I wanted to get it out for everyone to take a look, and if possible contribute as well, since it is completely open-source.

What is Speech Programmer?

Speech Programmer is a web app which generates code from speech. A user can say “integer test equals 10”, and the app generates the code int test = 10;

The app currently supports only C code, and the user has to follow very specific rules when speaking. Also, I haven’t added support for looping constructs yet. My aim is to support different programming languages and get rid of specific rules on the part of the speaker too.

However, the progress I have made also works really well, and you can take a look at that from the video below. You could try out the application here.


Whether it be for users who are just too lazy to type and want their code typed out for them, or whether it be for those without hands to be able to code, the Speech Programmer has several applications.

To be honest, I came up with the app because I often felt like just lying in bed, but at the same time I wanted to do something productive like working on a project. In times like these I would often wonder if I could get someone to type out code while I dictated it. One day, I thought- why not make my computer listen to me and type code on it’s own? It’s not as if it can’t listen to me, Cortana does that anyways!

There have often been times when I wanted to write the code for Speech Programmer itself by using the app and speaking code, but unfortunately I haven’t progressed so much in the app to be able to do that. Nevertheless, I’m sure we’ll get there some day, when the next version of the app can be done using the app itself!


One of the primary reasons I wanted to put this out there is because Speech Programmer is completely open-source. You can head over to my GitHub repository and take a look at the code.

And I would love to work with you if you want to contribute to this project. I want to include machine learning and natural language processing to this app some day, so whether you’re a web developer or an ML enthusiast, I’m sure you’ll bring something new to the project!

Hope you find the project as awesome as I did, and hope you join in on contributing to this project! Looking forward to seeing you on GitHub! And don’t forget to drop a like on this post!

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  1. Hey man how are you ,?
    Really interesting stuff
    Actually wanted help from you ,I wanna learn coding wanted sources that are kinda free kinda basic stuff

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