Introducing QLogic: A Quantum Computing Puzzle Game

I’ve been doing game development for a while now- Double Bounce, Blindfold, Rockets are some of the games I developed for android and which are available on the Play Store. I have also been curious about the field of quantum computing, and have had a lot of fun playing around with the IBM Quantum Experience.

I am pursuing a double major in physics and computer science at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Goa, and I often find myself discussing quantum computing with a physics classmate, Cheshta. During one such fascinating conversation, I found out about Quantum Tic-Tac-Toe, a version of the old game which made it much more interesting!

Since our conversation, we started brainstorming ideas for games that revolve around quantum physics. One such idea that we came up with was QLogic, a puzzle game that offers an interface similar to the IBM Quantum Experience. One of the biggest problems we’ve seen with the platform is that even though it’s fun to try out the quantum gates, you need to think of an experiment before being able to do anything meaningful.

To overcome this challenge, QLogic offers a series of puzzles that you can solve to have fun with quantum gates.

While QLogic is an amazing game for people already learning quantum computing, it is also a fantastic puzzle game for those who just want some brain exercise and don’t want to get their hands into quantum computing. The game is easy enough to understand, although the levels progressively get difficult.

Having come up with the game concept, we approached Namita, a UX designer, who came up with the screen designs and user flows, which we developed in React Native.

QLogic is already on the Play Store, with 45 puzzles, a Time Attack mode and a playground. So while we work on adding more levels and some really fun features, you can start playing! Do let us know if you like the game, and pass it on to your friends to see who completes the challenges fastest!

You can also join us on Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates. In case you have any feedback on the game, you can get in touch directly with the QLogic team on the Telegram channel.

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